Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) and Community Affairs (CA) Policy

Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd. and PetroOriental S.A. , Companies dedicated to hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation activities in Ecuador, are fully committed to protecting the environment and providing the best operation conditions for the safety and health of their employees.

The Companies strive to promote a continuous improvement policy to protect the environment, health and safety of those who may be affected by our activities.

The protection of the surrounding environment, and attention to health, safety and community affairs has the same importance as that of our main business objectives.

Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd. and PetroOriental S.A. constantly establish Environment, Health, Safety and Community Affairs programs and practices in all of their activities, which are solidly and responsibly integrated with all Company activities as an essential management element.


  1. Comply with applicable Ecuadorian legislation, regulations and guidelines on Environment, Health and Safety and Community Affairs, as well as other commitments signed by the Company;
  2. Respect the local customs and culture in all operation areas, and provide a framework for defining Environment, Health & Safety and Community Affairs objectives;
  3. Give priority to Environment, Health & Safety and Community Affairs management, by assessing social and environmental impacts, safety, and occupational health hazards when making decisions on strategic planning, project investment, or production management, so as to guarantee safe and clean development;
  4. Recognize the concerns of stakeholders on EHS-CA matters through consultation; provide them with relevant information related Company' policies and practices, in an ethical manner;
  5. Seek opportunities for continuous improvement on environmental management, natural resources and energy use efficiency;
  6. Provide relevant information about policies and practices to all interested parties in a clear and ethical way;
  7. Apply risk analysis principles and implement engineering controls in all programs, in order to prevent incidents and occupational illness and to minimize hazards inherent to our operations;
  8. Ensure the provision of necessary resources for EHS-CA management in all operation areas;
  9. Raise awareness of social and EHS-CA practices among all employees and contractors through training programs and regular activities;
  10. Develop and maintain emergency and contingency procedures to minimize the damage generated by any incident, in coordination with authorities and emergency services;
  11. Encourage all workers and service providers in the event of an incident/accident, to actively participate in the incident/accident investigation, risk and hazard identification, opportunities for improvement, and to preserve a firm commitment to lessons learned documentation and dissemination and in the prevention of incidents/accidents of the same causes.

Senior Management is in charge of developing and communicating practices and procedures that support the Companies' activities related to this Policy.

The EHS-CA Policy will be available to the public and will be an integral part of the way we do business.

Yang Hua
Executive President

Quito, May 31st, 2018