Information for Suppliers

The key to the Company's high level of productivity is its ongoing endeavour to confront new and difficult challenges, and to identify solutions which allow us to successfully tackle them. We also convey to our suppliers this self-imposed drive. We want to surround ourselves with the best suppliers who are also committed to meet our work standards. Suppliers and contractors must strictly adhere to our corporate policies in order to achieve the synergy required by our high operating standards. In addition, the value of their products and services is an important part of our ongoing pursuit of excellence, transparency and efficiency.

For this purpose, vendors and contractors have to be prequalified and registered in our database. Please send to only the information listed below:

  • Legal Name of Company
  • Contact name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Description of goods and services offered (catalogs, brochure, pricelist, etc.)

  • Any additional documents and information needed for the technical, legal and financial evaluation of your company will be requested later.