Our People

Our talented multicultural team is our most prized resource. The diversity of our team is achieved by offering equal-employment opportunities. We focus on individuals with special skills from whose determination, service, creativity and self-improvement we can benefit every day.

Each member on our team is characterized by their skills and discipline; we work in harmony with each other to identify opportunities for improvement and actively find new ways to optimize our business.

Our people are motivated by "Our Guiding Principles" which summarize our corporate philosophy focused on achieving excellent performance. To do so, we properly plan, make decisions expeditiously, and promote the optimization of resources. Teamwork is the backbone of our company, and each team member is reliable, proactive, loyal, respectful, communicative, honest, responsible and disciplined.

People with broad potential are drawn to our company and we do our best to retain them and cultivate their abilities. We strive to form a High Performance Team with leadership skills. Our organization prides itself on being a Learning Place offering a clear competitive edge whilst our Administrative and Managerial Commitment contributes to our remarkable business performance.

Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd. Human Talent Equation:

Our People + Excellent Performance + Teamwork = Company Success