Energy and the Environment in Harmony.

Who We Are

Andes Petroleum Ecuador Ltd. operates in the Tarapoa Block and the Lago Agrio Storage and Transfer Station in the province of Sucumbios.

PetroOriental S.A. operates in Blocks 14 and 17 in the province of Orellana and Pastaza.

These companies were set up with shareholder capital from state-run corporations of the People's Republic of China: China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), with a 55 per cent stockholding, and China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC), with a 45 percent stake.

We have been in Ecuador since 2006 and have put together a compact multicultural, efficient, talented, highly-professional team, responsible for meeting the high productive and quality standards we have demonstrated throughout this period.

The fruits of our labour have been ostensibly beneficial for the development of Ecuador in a permanent display of our commitment to the country and its people.


Our Shareholders

We are a holding of two companies.

(China National Petroleum Corporation)


CNPC is one of the most important energy companies in the world. It is a state-run corporation whose commercial operations include a wide range of activities.

CNPC engages in all stages of the oil industry, including exploration, exploitation, production, transportation and refining of hydrocarbons. It is also involved in national marketing, international commerce and the manufacture and supply of equipment.

(China Petrochemical Corporation)


The Sinopec Group is a state-run oil and petrochemical company whose activities focus on the exploration, production and refining of oil and gas as well as chemical production, marketing and product distribution.

It is the second oil-producing giant in China. Sinopec is the biggest crude refining company in Asia and the third largest in the world. It is also the second leading petrochemical company in Asia, and the seventh largest in the world.


Regions & Blocks

Our work is carried out in the Tarapoa Block in the province of Sucumbios and in Blocks 14 and 17 in the province of Orellana and Pastaza. The hydrocarbons exploited by our companies are found in the "Ecuadorian Oriente Basin", an area depicting the complex history of Ecuador's geological evolution in the stratigraphic and structural traps of the Tena, Napo and Hollin formations.

Drilling, Workover and Production

Since 2006, the drilling and workover operations we have performed have successfully maintained the production in our blocks despite the length of time exploited and their consequent classification as mature fields.

The fields inside the Tarapoa block are developed in compliance with high standards; the crude oil produced is transported to Lago Agrio and then shipped through the OCP and/or SOTE to the coast at Esmeraldas, there joined by the production from Blocks 14 and 17.

With the aim of optimizing oil production, advanced technological projects are in progress, such as the drilling of horizontal wells, dual completions (i.e. two producing zones), downhole water separation, water control using relative permeability modifiers, and water reinjection for reservoir pressure maintenance, among others.


We analyze and evaluate exploration activities that can add value to the future potential of Ecuador's reserves by applying successive seismic reinterpretations using the latest technological and mathematical tools.

Also utilized is the appropriate technology to minimize the impact on the environment and to benefit the local communities in the areas of our activities.

Gas & Pressure Management

Gas management

Traditionally in operations in the Oriente Basin, associated natural gas from crude production is burned. On our blocks, however, the gas is used in energy generation which minimize the environmental impact.

Pressure maintenance

Pressure maintenance projects are currently underway for enhanced recovery in the Tarapoa Block and Blocks 14 and 17, thus enabling us to improve primary recovery and optimize the recovery factor.

Furthermore, mathematical simulation models for the three blocks are currently being analyzed for different reservoirs in our endeavour to determine the best options for water management and final crude recovery.

Information for Suppliers

The key to the Company's high level of productivity is its ongoing endeavour to confront new and difficult challenges, and to identify solutions which allow us to successfully tackle them. We also convey to our suppliers this self-imposed drive. We want to surround ourselves with the best suppliers who are also committed to meet our work standards. Suppliers and contractors must strictly adhere to our corporate policies in order to achieve the synergy required by our high operating standards. In addition, the value of their products and services is an important part of our ongoing pursuit of excellence, transparency and efficiency.

For this purpose, vendors and contractors have to be prequalified and registered in our database. Please send to only the information listed below:

  • Legal Name of Company
  • Contact name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Description of goods and services offered (catalogs, brochure, pricelist, etc.)

Any additional documents and information needed for the technical, legal and financial evaluation of your company will be requested later.